Hepatitis C Medical Camp

Hepatitis C Medical Camp

Viral Hepatitis In Sindh

Viral Hepatitis B and C prevalence is on a steady rise in Pakistan. Extrapolation of the figures gives us a staggering number of 1.5 million chronic carriers of Hepatitis B and 1.8 million chronic carriers of Hepatitis C in Sindh. Hepatitis Delta is possibly the most severe form of chronic viral hepatitis of humans. The large pocket of Hep-D has been identified in Kambar and Larkana districts of the province. The estimated quantum of the diseases only in Kambar is more than 1000 patients.

Empirical evidence suggests that Sindh may have disease burden more than the current estimates. Reasons being the deepened poverty, statutory ambiguity in certain laws, health practices of public & professionals and lack of universal access to health care.

Major Risk Factors for Disease Spread

  • Unsafe Injection Delivery,
  • Transfusion of unscreened blood and blood products,
  • From Injected Mother to new born child,
  • Sexual contract with carriers,
  • Reuse of Blades by the barbers,
  • Use of un-sterilized surgical and dental instruments,
  • Use of injected needle/Instruments for nose/ear piercing,

Measures Taken To Combat The Spreading Of Hepatitis

Due to the enormity of the task, rising trends of the disease and non-availability of sufficient resources, a fresh initiative on part of the Provincial Government was needed, and adopting a proper approach the CHIEF MINISTER’S INITIATIVE FOR “HEPATITIS FREE SINDH” is launched within a framework of following five broad strategic areas:

  • Preventing the acute infections
  • Addressing the chronic injections
  • Raising the public awareness
  • Changing the policy environment
  • Health System Strengthening

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