To strive unceasingly for the socio- economic development of marginalized groups with special adherence to the capacity development of females in procuring the dignified sources of livelihood & academically empower them to safeguard their basic and inalienable rights such as right of education, right of livelihood, right of political activities & rights of social & religious freedom as an independent citizen .
Fighting against the menace of inequality in society by advocating the rights of female, children & weaker groups in the society for the attainment of their genuine rights with sustainable approaches of advocacy & dissemination of academic information
To advocate the marginalized & weaker groups in the society including female, children & distant segments of society for the attainment of their basic rights. To work for women emancipation in the society by involving female groups in social, political, economic mainstream of life. Involving women in participatory approaches by forming women groups, women village development committees to enhance their activities socio- economic & political platforms. Procuring vistas of income generation sources such as encouraging micro credit programs, vocational skills, rearing of livestock by providing comprehensive training programs for female & poverty hit communities in society. Effectively supporting Human rights including women rights, child rights against the social hazards such women trafficking, fornication, Honor killing, Forced marriage, denial of parents property, forced labor, child labor, child trafficking, child abuse & all such atrocities which are against human & ethical rights. Promote education specially girls education in rural areas & coordinate with national & international organizations for promoting female education in the society. Develop partnerships with other relief organizations to synergize our respective efforts. Launch campaigns for promoting education, social awareness of prolific social issues & against social & economic idiosyncrasy. Encourage women participation in local & national politics by enabling them with political advocacy program such trainings voting, choice of political affiliation & work as pressure group for the attainment of their rights. To safe guard the rights Kiln workers, common working labors & launch enhanced efforts against bonded labor, forced working in the rural areas. Arrange advocacy workshops/ seminars/ trainings from UC to district level in pursuance to the implementation of above cited objectives